Courts Martial

Held in an open court and in front of a civilian Judge Advocate, the strong similarity between Courts Martial and civilian trials means many service personnel are choosing to instruct a civilian barrister.

If you or someone you know is facing a Courts Martial; or you are an SSA or a member of AFCLAA looking for available counsel to offer service personnel, KCH Garden Square offer a dedicated Courts Martial team with extensive experience in Military Law.

Why choose us?

We are a well established civilian chambers having a great deal of experience and knowledge in areas such as criminal and civil law. We also offer mediation and support to those that need it.

• Our services are free to service personnel – all our fees are paid for by Legal Aid.
• We offer 24/7 telephone service to our specialist Courts Martial clerk.
• You can speak to us face-to-face, free, anywhere in the world via video link.
• Our Courts Martial team all have real experience of military courts.
• We pride ourselves on being approachable, straightforward barristers who will keep you informed in a clear and concise way.
• Our barristers will travel to you when you need them to.


At the start of any Courts Martial process there will be an investigation and interview by the police. At the Military Police Station you’ll be offered representation, it is always a good idea to accept. You can either choose your own legal representation or you will have one appointed to you.

Once you know that your case is proceeding to Courts Martial – many are discontinued after the preliminary investigations – you have the right to choose/nominate your own barrister or solicitor to represent you at all the court hearings. This is your choice.

You can request a barrister from KCH Garden Square simply by telling your SSA, they’ll write down your choice of barrister on your Legal Aid form. The SSA sends the Legal Aid form to the Armed Forces Legal Aid Authority (AFCLAA) and your barrister will then be instructed by the ACFLAA through the Legal Aid scheme to represent you. Alternatively, please call us and we’ll speak to the SSA or ACFLAA on your behalf. Failure to choose/nominate a barrister or solicitor means that one will be selected for you by ACFLAA.


Meet the Courts Martial Team

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