Kinza Wahid’s first month as a Pupil

Kinza Wahid’s first month as a Pupil

As I approach the end of my first month of pupillage, I am certain that KCH Garden Square is a set that delivers on what it promises.

From the moment I arrived in Chambers, I received a very warm welcome from everyone, and the support and encouragement has only grown as the weeks progress. From the clerking team to the barristers, I know there is an incredible support system within the set for which I am grateful.

It is safe to say a pupillage with KCH will leave you enriched and well versed. Despite only being a few weeks in, I have had exposure to numerous civil cases, namely housing, commercial, and credit hire. I have also had the benefit of observing matrimonial finance conferences. Preparation for my second six began from the onset, as I was taught how best to navigate hearings (both remote and in person) and I observed expert negotiation skills when reaching favourable settlements for our clients. I have also had the chance to conduct some written work.

As a pupil, I am provided with high quality training which allows me to gain the requisite knowledge of law whilst also being adept to the tactical decisions made in cases. Through mock advocacy exercises I can develop the practical skills I need when I am on my feet. There is a genuine desire from my supervisors to invest in me and ensure I produce work to a high standard which is indicative of the calibre and ethos of KCH Garden Square.

Alongside, the robust pupillage training I have had the opportunity to get to know members of the set and the wider Midlands Circuit through social events such as Grand Night.  I thoroughly enjoyed attending Grand Night and it was a great way to become familiar with members of the local Bar.

I could not be more thankful to my pupillage supervisors, Oliver Nunn and Tom Russell who have gone above and beyond to ensure I have settled in. Not only are they exceptional barristers with a wealth of experience, but they are also incredibly approachable. I anticipate I will receive a vigorous but rewarding pupillage experience with them and I look forward to the months that lie ahead.

Kinza Wahid

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