A new KCH Garden Square Academic Panel

A new KCH Garden Square Academic Panel

KCH Garden Square is recruiting a panel of expert legal academics to assist our members and pupils with research and training in complex and developing areas of law.

Academics on the Panel will be a research resource and offer training sessions for the benefit of both our members and clients.

Some members of the Academic Panel will also be available for direct instruction, to provide opinions and/or training on the law. They will be able to engage in a work share arrangement with counsel in suitable cases, where expert academic opinion would be beneficial to the client.

The Academic Panel is led by Mr Oliver Nunn who alongside his Legal 500 recognised practice as counsel, is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leicester and sits as a Deputy District Judge.

If you are interested in making an application to join our Academic Panel, further information, including our Academic Panel Policy and Application Form are available on our Recruitment Page. You are also welcome to contact Mr Nunn by email here who can assist with any queries.

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