Marc Johnson awarded The Chris Gale Memorial Prize for best joint paper

Marc Johnson awarded The Chris Gale Memorial Prize for best joint paper

Academic Panel member Marc Johnson, along with Omar Madhloom (Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol Law School), was awarded The Chris Gale Memorial Prize at the recent Association of Law Teachers conference.

Marc commented: “We are very excited and humbled to be awarded the Chris Gale Memorial Prize. The prize is awarded jointly by Committee of Head of University Law Schools and the Association of Law Teachers to the best joint paper presented at the conference and aims to celebrate values of collegiality, collaboration, and support in legal education research.

Our paper proposes a model of metacognitive reflection which is grounded in philosophy, and it aims to help us reflect on the impact that we can have on the acquisition of knowledge. The model draws on several philosophical theories and, in our paper, is situated in Clinical Legal Education. However, we believe that it has utility in legal education, legal practice, and other fields of practice also. At the conference, we presented with two students from the University of Bristol’s Law Clinic who have worked examples of their use of our reflective model.”

Marc and Omar’s paper, ‘Addressing implicit bias: A theoretical model for promoting integrative reflective practice in live-client law clinics‘, developed a reflective model to minimise student bias in law clinics. Marc and Omar presented their research in collaboration with two third-year University of Bristol Law Clinic students.

Further information can be found on the University of Bristol’s website.

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