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KCH Garden Square are currently looking to recruit established practitioners in all practice areas. We are also happy to consider applications from solicitors who are looking to make the move to a career at the Bar.

Should you wish to make an application, or get in touch to have an informal discussion, please see the contact details below for the relevant departments:

If you are an established Criminal practitioner, or a solicitor considering transfer to the bar please contact Senior Criminal Clerk Anthony Krogulec by email or directly on 0115 853 2308.
If you are an established Civil or Family practitioner, or a solicitor considering transfer to the bar, please contact Senior Civil & Family Clerk Stuart Walker by email or directly on 0115 853 2312.

All enquiries and applications are handled with the strictest of confidence.

A pupillage at KCH Garden Square provides the flexibility of being able to gain experience in a wide range of subject areas whilst at the same time being able to tailor your training if you so wish.

Pupils spend the first four months with their pupil supervisor. The next two months is aimed at helping pupils to prepare for their second six months when they will be undertaking their own work. This means that whilst the pupil is still under the supervision of the same pupil supervisor, they spend more time with junior members of chambers learning about their work and tenants from a whole variety of practice areas.

The second six months allows pupils to carry out their own work under the supervision of a pupil supervisor.

For 2021 KCH Garden Square has launched a new Virtual Mini-Pupillage programme.

Regrettably, like many other chambers, solicitors firms and other employers, we had to take the difficult decision to suspend our Mini-Pupillage programme as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

However, we recognise how important a mini pupillage experience can be. It is often one of the first practical steps on your journey to becoming a practising barrister and the experience will likely impact the decisions you take about the direction of your career. With this in mind, we have developed a ‘Virtual Mini-Pupillage’ to replace our usual Mini-Pupillage programme, until such time as we can safely accommodate mini-pupils back in chambers. We anticipate that once our regular Mini-Pupillage programme is running again, we will offer Virtual Mini-Pupillages alongside that usual programme so those who may be prevented by time, location or any other factors from completing physical multiple day mini pupillages can still participate within our programme.

Our Virtual Mini-Pupillage will see a number of prospective pupils join us remotely for a full day of talks, lectures, advocacy exercises as well as a session providing practical, actionable advice on your own CV.

During the course of the day you will have the opportunity to interact with, and get guidance from, practising barristers at KCH Garden Square. You will gain an insight into life a the Bar from a number of Counsel across our practice areas.

We hope that mini-pupils will be able to develop their understanding and confidence in relation to the pupillage application process, both at KCH Garden Square and more widely.

We aim improve mini-pupils’ understanding, and give real life insight of what life is like as a practitioner in KCH Garden Square’s respective practice areas on the Midland Circuit.

Applications for the next Virtual Mini Pupillage will be accepted soon.

We assess mini-pupillage applications using the same fundamental scoring criteria which we use for pupillage applications, which are as follows:

  • Academic Ability,
  • Non-Legal Extra Curricular Activity,
  • Legal Experience,
  • Advocacy Experience,
  • Commitment to the Bar,
  • Written Presentation.

Marks are given in each criteria out of 5, using the following ranking:

1: Below Average,
2: Average,
3: Good,
4: Very Good,
5: Outstanding (used sparingly).

The scores are then added together to produce a total score and mini-pupillage positions are offered to the top scorers, until we run out of available places. Have a think about how your application satisfies those marking criterions.

The only difference when compared to pupillage applications, is that for mini-pupillage, we mark you ‘based on the stage you are at’ so to try and level the playing field when we have applicants at different stages of study and professional experience.

Competition for mini-pupillage places is, much like for pupillage, fiercely competitive with demand consistently, and significantly, outstripping our ability to accommodate them.

KCH Garden Square is committed to valuing and promoting diversity in all areas of Chambers and welcomes applications from all candidates.

We are fully committed to equality and diversity and our recruitment, mini-pupillage selection procedures and provision of services are operated without discrimination.