Year of call 2000

Siward James Moore

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Siward worked for the Crown Prosecution Service and Criminal Cases Review Commission before being called to the Bar in 2000 – this background gives him extensive experience with the law system, and in particular criminal law. He is also a Grade 3 Prosecutor.

Siward will take a proactive approach towards putting witnesses at ease and ensuring that they give the best evidence possible.

He regularly appears in the Crown Court, both prosecuting and defending, having experience of all types of cases including those relating to serious violence, dishonesty and sexual offences including rape, sexual assaults and computer misuse offences.

R v G
Defended in this historic rape allegation involving the alleged rape by a mother of her daughter.

 R v H
Defended in this section 18 GBH allegation in which the complainant sustained permanent brain damage.

 R v C
Arson – being reckless as to whether life would be endangered – employee setting fire, successfully, to the branch of McDonalds in which he worked. A conviction followed.

 R v S & T-S
Prosecuted in this case which a nephew and uncle were charged with section 18 GBH where the victim was violently attacked with a lump hammer causing multiple fractures to the skull and left for dead.

Siward has particular experience in the prosecuting and defending cases relating to the Misuse of Drugs and attendant Proceeds of Crime proceedings. He was instructed as junior counsel in Operation Predator (prosecuting a complex case involving Conspiracy to Supply large quantities of controlled drugs and subsequent, contested, Money Laundering charges) and prosecuted successfully in Operation [Nicolas, King, George], a vigorously defended Conspiracy to supply controlled drugs. He has defended in similar operations including Operation Lancer, a cross border SOCA led prosecution heavily reliant upon covert surveillance.

Siward has also been instructed in proceedings brought by the Environment Agency, Trading Standards and the RSPB which have involved a particular emphasis upon rural crime.

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