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Dr Jeremy Robson is an Associate Professor in Law at De Montfort University Law School. Jeremy practised at the Bar from 2000- 2010 before entering academia. He was a member of the criminal team at KCH (as it then was) during that time.

In 2022, Jeremy completed his PhD ‘The Judge as Bricoleur: Bricolage in decision-making in the Criminal Justice System.’

Jeremy’s research examines the barriers to justice which traditional rules of evidence create. He specialises in interdisciplinary research working with psychologists, linguists, phoneticians and criminologists. In 2019, Jeremy was part of a multidisciplinary team who received funding from the ESRC to develop a new procedure for police voice identification parades. His work on voice identification evidence has been widely cited nationally and internationally. He is currently working on a project to examine accent discrimination as an obstacle to social mobility in the legal profession.

Jeremy is also experienced in postgraduate legal education and advocacy training. Whilst at Nottingham Trent University, he developed Europe’s first LLM in Advocacy Skills, a bespoke programme commissioned by the Attorney General of Malaysia. He also established and was director of the Centre for Advocacy as well as launching the International Advocacy Teaching Conference.

Jeremy works with KCH Garden Square on the Bar Futures programme, a scheme to help students from under represented backgrounds succeed at the Bar.

Jeremy is a Deputy District Judge (magistrates court) alongside also sitting as a fee paid judge in the First Tier Tribunal (Social Entitlement Chamber).

Jeremy produces a summary of recent evidence cases, every few months.

Summer 2023 Evidence Updater

The pragmatic functions of ‘respect’ in lawyers’ courtroom discourse: A case study of Brexit hearings. Journal of Pragmatics
Wright, D., Robson,J., Murray-Edwards H., and Braber, N., (2021)

Redrawing the boundaries: The adequacy of the Sexual Offences Act in addressing female sexual offending. Journal of Criminal Law.
Robson, J., Newman, L., and O’Hagan, A. (2021)

Prosecuting Coercive Control: Reforming Storytelling in the Courtroom. Criminal Law Review, 12, pp. 1107-1126
Robson, J. and Bettinson, V. (2020)

Voice parade procedures: optimising witness performance
Smith, H.M.J., Bird, K., Roeser, J., Robson, J., Braber, N., Wright, D. and Stacey, P.C. (2020)

Can we have faith jurors listen without prejudice? Likely sources of inaccuracy in voice comparison exercises. Criminal Law Review, , 2, pp.115-130
Robson, J. and Smith, H. (2019)

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