Work Experience at KCH Garden Square

Work Experience at KCH Garden Square

Sixth form student Rhea joined the team in Chambers for two days of work experience this summer. Here’s what she had to say about her time with us:

“As soon as I reached out to KCH Garden Square I was met by a welcoming team who were more than happy to help me – offering advice, support and the chance to view judicious individuals working.

The whole team were extremely accommodating and charitable in which they were beyond happy to show me an insight into the nature of their work. Both Hannah and Naomi started me off showing me the advanced online work done and how the Chambers is both run and the inclusive principles they work to. I also got to witness first hand how the team of clerks intricately work, whilst supporting and explaining me through the process. Every member of staff I got to meet all had a subjective piece of advice to encourage me to continue with my journey into law.  By the end of my experience at KCH Garden Square the whole team had instilled a sense of confidence and security in continuing my path to work while offering me a wise and perceptive view of the workplace itself.

I am extremely appreciative of the experience I have had at KCH Garden Square and am most grateful to the whole team for offering me an insight into their career.”

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