Jeremy Janes and Lisa Hardy have successfully prosecuted an organised crime group, which saw 14 individuals sentenced to a combined 36 years of prison time.

In addition to supplying Class A drugs around the country, a key part of the group’s operation involved the exploitation of children and vulnerable people, according to Nottinghamshire Police. The gang were arrested following a coordinated investigation which saw several police forces and departments work together to shut the supply network down.

The complex and extensive investigation by officers from EMSOU, Nottinghamshire Police and other forces, helped secure convictions for modern slavery offences as part of a county lines operation.

Detective Inspector Ian Smith, of Nottinghamshire Police, commented to Nottinghamshire Live: “This case actually represented the first of its kind for Nottinghamshire Police in that we were able to work with partners to secure convictions for modern slavery offences as part of a county lines operation, so naturally we’re extremely proud to have been part of this investigation.

“Assistance provided by Nottinghamshire social care staff also played a pivotal role in identifying the children and vulnerable adults trafficked as part of this operation and helped safeguard these victims from more harm. I am pleased that in this case we were able to not only protect a number of a vulnerable young people, but also end a destructive cycle of harm by securing lengthy jail terms for the main perpetrators.