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Nigel Power QC

Nigel Power QC

Year of call 1992 Year of silk 2010

Practice Areas

Area of Practice, Crime
– Murder.
– Manslaughter.
– Drugs conspiracies.
– All types of fraud.
– Confiscation.
– Courts Martial.

Noteable Cases
R v T
The Defendant was charged with the murder of a sex worker in 2005 in Liverpool. The case involved live evidence from six experts and involved standard SGM+, Low Template, SenCE, Y-STR and DNA and the statistical analysis of the evidence by David Balding, Professor of Genetical Statistics at UCL. There was also detailed consideration of alternative methods of transfer of DNA (Prosecuting).

R v T
The Defendant was charged with the murder of a former inmate of a Salvation Army Hostel but ultimately was convicted on his own plea of manslaughter by virtue of lack of intent to cause really serious harm (Defending).

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