Mr Goldrein QC has written an article about Public Interest in the court-room which can be viewed here, and is also the Consulting Editor of ‘Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong a Practical Guide’.

Mr Goldrein QC sits on the panel of Mediators of Consensus Mediation.

Iain is now an Advisory Editor for the new Malaysian White Book, which was published
28th October 2013. He is also a Supervisory Editor of The Hong Kong Edition of Bullen and Leake and Jacob, Precedents of Pleadings — to be published at the end of November 2013.

Iain is delighted to accept the invitation to be a Commissioner of the Mayoral Commission
[6 Commissioners] for the Environmental Sustainability of Liverpool.

And, Iain has also accepted an invitation to join the International Advisory Board of the Centre for Islamic Finance at Bolton University.
This is of particular immediate relevance, given the Conference of the World Islamic Economic Forum which was held in London in October 2013. The Prime Minister led Britain’s efforts to become a global centre of Islamic finance and to welcome fresh investment.

Iain can also be found on LinkedIn here.

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