As a mixed set, we have detailed knowledge of many types of dispute which come before the courts. We’re in a very good position to assess the benefits and potential pitfalls of litigation.

Litigation can often be an unpredictable process, parties in a dispute can become frustrated and disappointed. As professional barristers, we aim to provide comprehensive advice so that our clients are aware of the risks from the outset and able to make informed decisions.


In some cases, litigation is not the best process for resolving a dispute. That is where we would recommend some form of alternative dispute resolution. There are several types of alternative dispute resolution, ranging from ‘round table’ negotiation to formal mediation.

Mediation offers a process that is designed to enable a satisfactory resolution to be reached on mutually acceptable terms. Throughout the process, resolution of the dispute remains in the parties’ hands. This is fundamental – a party can walk away from the process at any time. However, in the great majority of cases, mediation results in settlement of the dispute.

In the cases where mediation is not successful, there is nothing to stop the parties from pursuing their differences in the courts. The mediation process is entirely confidential and private.


Our philosophy

We adopt an energetic and proactive approach to mediation. We use our mediation skills and legal expertise to help the parties seek resolution of their dispute.

From our first involvement, we encourage the disputants to explore the reasons behind their dispute and to look forward with a view to finding common ground.


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