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Equality and Diversity

We believe in a culture of positivity in the workplace where everyone is treated with respect.

As a Chambers and individual practising members, we do not discriminate either directly or indirectly on the basis of:

Race or Colour
Ethnic or National Origin
Nationality or Citizenship
Age, Sex or Sexual Orientation
Marital Status
Religion or Political Persuasion

Much of the work received into Chambers will request a particular individual to undertake it. In the case of non-designated work, the clerks will ensure that work is distributed in line with out Equal Opportunities policy.
KCH Garden Square clerks will not accept instructions from professional clients that are discriminatory. If a professional client refuses to withdraw a discriminatory instruction then the clerk will report the refusal to our Equality and Diversity Officer. In these circumstances, they will always report the incident to the relevant Bar Council Committee.
In line with the Bar Standards Board Equality & Diversity Rules of the Code of Conduct, KCH Garden Square is required to publish an anonymized summary of diversity data. It should be noted that participation within our internal survey was voluntary, that the information is only based on those individuals who submitted responses and permission has been obtained for the anonymised information to be published.
Our latest 2020 summary report is available to view here.
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