James Cleary (for the local authority) and Steven Veitch (for the grandmother) have appeared in three recently reported decisions in a serious fabricated and induced illness case before the Family Court.

In N (A Child) (No.1) (Fact Finding: Induced Illness) [2019] EWFC B83 the court made findings that a mother had been starving her young child, and administrating overdoses of laxatives, whilst convincing doctors over a long period that the child had a serious illness. The child was near death when protective measures were taken.

In N (A Child) (No.2) (Psychological Assessment) [2019] EWFC B83 the court considered the need for a psychological assessment of the ability of the grandmother to protect the child from the further harm by her mother.

Finally, in N (A Child) (No.3) (Content of Care Plan) [2020] EWFC B58 the court considered the extent to which a children’s guardian can require additions to a final care plan.