KCH Garden Square is delighted to announce the appointment of Jonathon Dee as our new Head of Chambers. In addition, Jeremy Janes has been appointed as Senior Deputy Head and Karen Kabweru Namulemu as Junior Deputy Head.

Jonathon is one of Chambers’ most longstanding members, having joined in October 1990 and is very well respected by all members and staff. Upon his appointment, Jonathon said “It is a great honour to be appointed as Head of KCH Garden Square. In recent years Chambers has thrived and I hope that during my tenure Chambers will continue to build on the success already achieved. A major priority will be maintaining and improving our relationships with our partners in both the public and private sectors.”

Jonathon Dee takes over from Mark van der Zwart, who has stepped down after four years in the position. We would like to thank Mark for his great leadership and valued contribution to chambers during his time as Head of Chambers.