Stephen Lowne
Head of Chambers

Year of Call 1981

Stephen was called to the Bar in 1981, and more recently, appointed Recorder in 2003. Being a Grade 4 Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service for over 10 years, Stephen specialises in criminal law.



With a practice evenly divided between prosecution and defence work. Stephen has worked within these areas of the criminal law framework:


Serious sexual offences

Involving children and adults. He also has a good working knowledge of offences involving false or recovered memory, which largely, but not exclusively, results in allegations of historic sexual abuse against parents or carers of the complainant.


Serious violent crime

Including murder and attempted murder, armed robbery, wounding with intent and kidnapping. In 2008 he conducted a case of the shooting of a taxi driver and a kidnapping offence (one defendant common to both offences).

He is currently leading counsel for one of six defendants indicted with conspiracy to murder, a complex case involving a lot of phone evidence.



During 2009 and 2010 he was involved in three significant fraud cases, one of approximately £2 million pounds, another of £1.5 million pounds and a third of £750,000. He is currently involved in two high value fraud cases, one for the prosecution and one for the defence.

Additionally, he has conducted and/or advised on a number of high value proceeds of crime cases.

Stephen practices as a Criminal, Courts Martial and Public Access barrister.


Additional information

Stephen has a good understanding of computers and their use in crime both as a tool of crime and in programming and the use of malicious software or malware.

During 2008 he prosecuted two linked cases involving a shooting and a kidnapping. The kidnapping case has now been the subject of an appeal to the Court of Appeal as a result of the ruling by the ECtHR in the case of Al-Khawaja And Tahery V. The United Kingdom (January 2009) concerning the admission of hearsay evidence under the provisions of section 116 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003. Following a long hearing in April before five judges of the Court of Appeal, judgement was handed down on Friday 22nd May 2009.

More recently he has been involved in a case of kidnapping to enforce a drug dealers debt, an attempted murder, involving the cutting of the victims throat, stranger rape, serious child rape, large scale conspiracy to supply drugs, and a serious section 18, involving brain damage to the victim.


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Recent cases
R v M and G
Kidnapping case in which the complainants were too frightened to attend and give evidence. This is now the leading case on ‘hearsay evidence’ and its relationship with Human Rights legislation. It was one of the three cases heard by the Court of Appeal in R v Horncastle and others.
R v A
A large scale fraud involving cross firing of cheques across numerous bank accounts set up by the defendant in various names.