Jasmine trained as a Legal Adviser at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court in 2003 and subsequently commenced practice as a defence solicitor in 2005 until being called to the Bar.


Jasmine is also Public Access Accredited and authorised to conduct litigation.



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Jasmine has over 12 years defence experience in relation to a wide range of criminal offences; she has defended jury trials in relation to offences of aggravated burglary, armed robbery, wounding, serious public disorder, arson, stalking and harassment, possession of drugs with intent to supply, fraud and theft.

She has defended in multi handed cases; 18 defendants were indicted for facilitating illegal immigration and a multi defendant trials in relation to drugs conspiracies and serious violence.

Jasmine has vast experience of representing those with serious mental health issues and youth defendants. She was instrumental in instructing an intermediary in a case whereby the mental age of her adult client was 10 years old.

Jasmine has appeared in several cases at the Court of Appeal and has successfully challenged appeals against sentence on behalf of her client’s.

She is a robust lawyer and has instigated judicial review proceedings in a case whereby the prosecution had sought to adduce her client’s previous convictions at his trial. The instigation of the judicial review maintained that the prosecution changed their mind about adducing her client’s previous convictions.

Jasmine welcomes instructions from solicitors as well as those individuals requiring a barrister under the Direct Access Scheme.


Regulatory Work

Jasmine previously worked in the Regulatory and Governance Unit at a Legal 500 firm, Andrew Jackson, and was involved in defending prosecutions by various Government Departments.

She has experience in defending prosecutions by the Insolvency Agency in relation to income received prior to bankruptcy, Health & Safety Executive in cases whereby death resulted during the course of employment, Trading Standards in relation to dangerous products being sold and Peak District National Park Authority in relation to breach of planning law.

Jasmine is currently instructed by Derby and Nottingham City Councils and has prosecuted a variety of offences from car clocking, faulty hot tubs imported from China and being sold as manufactured in England, illegal wrestling matches whereby the Licence holder was in breach of their Premises Licence and fraud whereby a “trusted trader” had conned an elderly customer out of thousands and delivered sub standard workmanship.

Derby City Council recently had success in prosecuting a landlord whereby he forced his tenants and their children to live in substandard accommodation. A fine of over £30,000 was imposed. Jasmine was instructed by the Council in relation to opposing the appeal against the fine, the appeal was ultimately withdrawn by the defendant and he was ordered to pay the Council’s legal costs.

Jasmine is currently working with Nottingham City Council’s Trading Standards department in relation to fake jewellery being sold via an EBay platform.

Road Traffic Offences

Road Traffic Offences

Jasmine has a long standing practice in relation to road traffic offences, as an ex Legal Adviser to the Magistrates’ she started her career being very adept in road traffic law.

Jasmine was contracted to West Midlands Police in 2013 and guided the Police Led Prosecution team as to the preparation and presentation of road traffic offences. This included working with experienced Police Officer’s, Senior Management, Legal Executives and admin staff. Jasmine delivered training in relation to the law regarding special reasons and exceptional hardship arguments.

Jasmine maintains this area of her practice is regularly instructed in relation to drink/drug driving, failure to identify driver cases and speeding matters.

Jasmine welcomes instructions both from Solicitors and instructions under the Direct Access Scheme.

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