Derek joined Chambers after being called to the Bar at Inner Temple in March 2017. Until then he was a criminal defence solicitor since 1989, appearing in the Crown Court daily since 2007 as a Solicitor Advocate.


Derek has been at the forefront of criminal defense work for many years. In 2005 set up and was the senior partner at the First Law Partnership, one of the 20 biggest criminal defence firms in the country.

Derek has appeared in some very high profile cases involving murder, manslaughter, death by dangerous driving, rape and sexual offences, serious drugs conspiracy.

Derek has appeared in the Court of Appeal, most recently he was successful in a new evidence case where he was able to overturn the conviction of a man who had been convicted of robbing a woman who was on her way to bank the day’s takings from the convenience store at which she worked.



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Notable cases

Edward Tenniswood in respect of the murder and rape of India Chipchase. The case attracted nationwide interest and publicity across all national newspapers.

Claire Riley charged with keeping a dog which was dangerously out of control: the bull terrier dog caused the death of her Claire’s baby.

Malcolm Heath who was convicted of shaking a baby causing serious brain injury.

Bodrul Islam who has been charged with Misfeasance in Public Office, he is accused of having sexual contact with a detainee at an immigration detention centre where he worked as a security officer. The case has enormous publicity. The first trial was aborted after the first week and is awaiting a re-trial.

In his spare time, Derek enjoys painting portraits; sculpting in stone; running and circuit training.

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