Culture and diversity

We believe in a culture of positivity in the workplace where everyone is treated with respect, this positivity reflects in the experience of our clients.

A feeling of being looked after throughout the process of a case is very important to us, we’re here to help you get the best possible results.


The diversity of our barristers and clerks is mirrored by the diversity of our clients. Different experiences create different approaches and a more rounded team that benefits our clients.


A great mix

We recruit the best, technically capable, professional and approachable individuals regardless of gender or race.

As a chambers and individual practising members, do not discriminate either directly or indirectly on the basis of:

Race, Ethnic or National Origin
Colour, Nationality or Citizenship
Sex or Sexual Orientation
Marital Status, Disability
Religion or Political Persuasion

KCH Garden Square has a policy of encouraging diversity within the members of chambers, pupils and administrative staff. The basis of this policy is that diversity benefits chambers as an organisation. Our active equal opportunities policy means that we are able to recruit the best talent.



KCH Garden Square has recruitment and selection procedures for tenants, pupils and employed staff. The procedures are designed to provide equality of opportunity with a monitoring system to ensure that KCH Garden Square’s equal opportunities policy is effective.


Equality of Opportunity and Acceptance of Instruction

KCH Garden Square clerks will not accept instructions from professional clients that are discriminatory. If a professional client refuses to withdraw a discriminatory instruction then the clerk will report the refusal to the Director for Equal Opportunities. In these circumstances, they will always report the incident to the relevant Bar Council Committee.


Equal Opportunities and Distribution of Work

Much of the work received into chambers will request a particular individual undertake it. In the case of non designated work the clerks must ensure that work is distributed in accordance with chambers equal opportunities policy. When non designated briefs are received the clerks enter the reasons for allocating them to particular counsel on the information system. A report showing allocations is printed every quarter and reviewed by the director for equal opportunities in consultation with the senior clerk.


The Bar Quality Advisory Panel

Following the launch of the Bar Quality Advisory Panel, should any fellow barrister, judge or solicitor have any issues with the quality of service provided by any barrister from KCH Garden Square, a referral can be made via the Bar Council website.

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